A Serious Of Unlucky Events

“What’s up, we out?”

“Nah man I cant I have a detention today.”

“Why, didn’t you just have one last week?”

“Well I did…”

“Ohh, well you know they never come after you for those, lets just leave d block starts in like 5 minutes.”


“Come on man you just told me we were gonna go today, we were supposed to go like the last 5 days they probly sold out already.”

“Yea I know I we probly should just go now…”

“Exactly just go right to the office a block tomorrow and tell them your gonna be there after school, you’ll be fine.”

“Ok we just CAN NOT get caught like last time.”

“Dude…I got this.”

“You said that last time.”

“Just meet me at the pool doors in like 2 minutes were fine.”


“Yea I didn’t even bring my backpack I never have any homework anyway.”

“Right. Lets hurry up before Johnston comes down here.”

“Good call.”

“Ohh wait I gotta run to my locker speaking of homework.”


“Chill I’ll be 20 seconds flat just hide until I get back.”

“I got a bad feeling about this.”



“Oh no theres Johnston hurry up!”

Johnston- “Hey! Don’t move. Let me see some hands”