Ben Wiley
Creative Writing
“You have to study for the big test!”
“I know, Mom! Don’t worry i know what I'm doing!”
“Okay. You better get an A+!”
“No problem.”
*Johnny goes to open his backpack*
(quietly) “Oh no, where’s my textbook?”
“Hey mom?”
“Have you seen my textbook lying around anywhere?”

“Never mind.”
“Uh, Okay.”
*Johnny goes to call his friend to see if he can borrow a textbook*
“Hey Bill, it’s Johnny. ”
“Oh man what's up?”
“Can i borrow your textbook?”
“No i have to study also so no sorry.”
“Ugh, alright fine.”
“Why? What’s wrong?”
“ I can find mine, and i think somebody took it out of my backpack on the bus...”
“Man that sucks!”
“Yeah but i have to go so i can find somebody that will lend me their textbook.”
“Alright I'll see ya.”
*Hangs up the phone*
“Now what am i going to do?”
*Three days later teacher gives Johnny the test results*
“Crap! only a 67%! My mom is going to kill me! Bill what did you get on the test?”
“ I got a 92%.”
“Well that’s because you’re lucky nobody stole your textbook!”
“Actually.......I lost mine’s your textbook back....”